The MLM Digest! What I’ve Learned in my 3 Year Experience in AdvoCare


I have always had the entrepreneurial mindset ever since I was little, I loved to make money on the side whether that was mowing the lawn or pruning my neighbors yards, I was always looking to capitalize on any opportunity I could find.

It was when I was in high school when I first started my own business of selling wristbands at school with funny little sayings on them, and it became quite popular, I was always on the grind ever since I can remember.

And it was 3 years after that in my freshman year in college, AdvoCare found me and I still remember those days like it was yesterday. I had a lot weighing on my mind and I was at a point where money was very tight and I felt I could do better than get a job at Jimmy Johns

I wanted something that was meaningful and more impactful for me, so I decided to join in on my friends offer of getting in on this MLM opportunity (not to be confused with pyramid schemes) while it was still hot. So I did, I went all-in at $3000 spending last bit of dime on my checking account and using some of my credit card I went all in.

What I can learn about this company is that its a direct selling company for sure similar to cut co or any other business and in direct selling, its a numbers game. You have to talk to as many people as possible and get them to sign up on your offer, you have to be advocare and all about AdvoCare nothing else.

I would go into my yoga class and inevitably I would have to bring it up with everyone there. I started to see strangers as not just people anymore but someone I can turn profit with.

And it was changing the dynamic of the conversation because now there was suddenly a destination I was trying to get to.

Long story short I built myself up to silver leadership and I was making nice $1200 per month but this didn’t come with a lot of up and downs and many rejections and lots of hang ups. I was desperate for money and I was desperate to make it so I continued on.

Eventually I was introduced to importing some fine art from China and selling it for profit online, and then this fineart store site was born.

MLM has taught me how to have that drive and entrepreneurial mindset, it taught me that if I set my mind to it, I can accomplish things I formerly didn’t believe I could do. Especially because I’m a blog writing lover that’s not the most extroverted character out there.

I’d rather write my blogs and stick to that than to go out and meet bunch of new people, all in all AdvoCare has been a great blessing for that time period I was in. For more reviews on AdvoCare I would visit here.




The MLM Digest! What I’ve Learned in my 3 Year Experience in AdvoCare

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