My first business adventure


I am a businessperson and a great one at that. I currently have seventeen active and profitable business. Some selling services, some selling products, a couple dot com, and one real estate. I always believe in that old saying do not put all your eggs in one basket. Boy, do I have my eggs spread out. One of my first business ventures was based on a multi-level marketing. It is a marketing model that is prevalent in many of business in particular the ones selling an online product.

I remember it like it was yesterday.   I was seven years old. My older brother had just bought this book from the schoolbook fair on paper airplanes. In it, the book demonstrated how to build paper airplanes and what you can alter to make them faster, go longer distance, or both. We would spend hours building these airplanes then testing them in back yard.   I notice that all the other kids in the neighborhood like these planes as well. Then I got a great idea, we can make money!

I convince my older brother to help me make a two hundred paper airplanes. While we worked on creating the product during school that week, I convince four of my friends to pay my brother and me each two dollars each week to sell for us. In return, we will build the airplanes and they can keep the money they make from selling the airplanes. After a while, my friends ask a couple more of our classmates to sell for them. I struck the same deal with them as I did with my friends. We kept growing until my brother said he no longer wanted to spend his free time making paper airplanes, no matter how much money he may make. This caused us to go out of business.

Hard Work Pays Off

Nevertheless, in those few weeks I was able to create a viable product, sell it, and recruit a work staff that made me money without me having to try so hard. It was fun and exciting. When I told my dad about it, he was blown away by my ingenuity. I did at seven years old what many people go their whole life without accomplishing. A profiting business based on a multilevel marketing strategy, although at the time I had no idea what those words meant. It was at that moment that I decided on what I wanted to be when I grew up.

Over the years I have use that same model just with different products. More often than not, I am successful. Of course, like any businessperson I have had a few failures, a brief run in with the Federal Trade Commission, about the legality of it in the early nineties. They wrongfully assume I was running a pyramid scheme. Luckily, I have always kept great books and records so it was easy for my lawyers to prove that I was operating a legit, fair and honest business.

My first business adventure

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