Multilevel market business might be my retirement plan


This is my note back from 2012, when first entering the MLM scene. My intro of this blog

There have been many times that I have been approach to enter to a multilevel market business. it seem that every time I have been approach I did have to time needed in order to make that business successful, did not care to do, or was too suspicious to commit. I am sure I am not alone in feeling this way. They always seem too good to be true. In addition, I hate feeling pressured to do anything let alone give a stranger some money. Until just now, I came across an article. After some research, I realized that there are some real legal and legitimate multilevel or networking business opportunities.

The article I just read stated that a multilevel market, direct selling, or network opportunity business is a great opportunity for those retiring from the work place. With low startup cost, support, and training. It makes starting a new business easy and less stressful then a person just starting a business the old fashion way. After reading the article, it got me to thinking, what about my retirement. What am I going to do? Granted I have an at least forty years until that day, I still hope to make it. Unless I have a complete personality swap, I do not think I will be satisfied not doing anything.

It also settle my concern of not having enough money to live off. I am not very good at saving money right now. Working as a freelance writer, it is not as if I have some company putting money aside from my paycheck. Really, what am I going to do? This MLM is sounding better and better as I kept reading on.   The writer states that it will give the retiree something more they can do with their life after spending years working for something else in some mundane job. That may have kept him or her from her children, grandchildren, friends and other relative. Feeling detached and just going through the motions, business ownership could really shake things up and give a spark back into their lives.

As I briefly mention before multilevel market businesses provide training, support, and encouragement for its associates. Giving the retiree a chance to socialize, stay relevant, busy, and develop a sense of importance and usefulness. I know that one of my concerns for myself. Spend a lifetime of doing things, making stuff happen, then to expect to do nothing except suck up some sunshine. I know it sounds good but after some time a person is bound to feel crazy out of sheer boredom. With this type of business, a person can be stimulated. Without the pressure to be at a job.

Of course, with anything else a person puts their money into I would definitely have to do some research. I do believe that it will be worth the time and effort to find something worth doing.

After reading that article I would anyone, retiring or about to retire, to investigate a network or multilevel market business. The rewards reported in the article seems notable and it makes sense.

Multilevel market business might be my retirement plan

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